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Ann Price

Ann Price, President

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best. “The first wealth is health”. I believe that a person’s first wealth is his or her relationship with God, I do believe the second wealth is the blessings of good health. Certainly a perfect scenario would be to combine health and wealth and help others do the same. That is what Immune Choice is all about.

Over a decade ago, I was introduced to the incredible immune enhancing nutritional supplement called beta glucan manufactured by A.J. Lanigan the formulator of the product and a very good friend of mine.

I began to experience great health benefits associated with taking the product. A.J. offered me an opportunity to share the health benefits with others. At the time, I was a full time high school social studies teacher with retirement a number of years away. As miracles happen, I was contacted by a compounding pharmacist, Ted Keller from Denver, Colorado. A local pharmacist had shared with Ted that I was selling beta glucan for a very reasonable price. For years Ted had been using beta glucan in a variety of compounding products. It was very costly and he was delighted to find someone selling such a high quality beta glucan at an affordable price. Hence the beginning of Immune Choice Distributors. My only advertisement was Ted and he began to send other compounding pharmacists my way.

Ted Keller authored an extensive article called “COMPOUNDING WITH Beta 1,3,D-GLUCAN” featured in the prestigious INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOUNDING, SEPT/OCT 2000 ISSUE. I decided to develop a simple ad that would accompany Ted’s article. My sales began to grow without any real effort on my part. In fact, I continued to teach, while my wholesale beta glucan business continued to grow. Hundreds of compounding pharmacists across America have purchased beta glucan from Immune Choice. Our beta glucan is now being shipped to South Korea and Japan. Not bad for a part-time wholesale business starting in such an amazing manner.

Now over ten years later, Immune Choice is poised to enter yet another arena, the retail marketplace. We at Immune Choice believe that everyone should be able to afford to take beta glucan and experience the incredible health benefits that this immune supplement can offer. In addition, in these poor economic times, everyone is searching for additional income avenues. I assure you that with Immune Choice, your dreams of getting out of debt or helping others financially can finally be realized. Once you begin to take the beta glucan and share your story with others, those dreams can become a reality.

While our beta glucan is not just any beta glucan, our income opportunity is not just another opportunity. It has been a passion of mine to help others financially. The quickest and most inexpensive way to bring any product to market is through direct sales. Beta glucan is incredible, but it takes a story to tell and that story can be your own story. Once you realize what the product can do for you, everything else takes care of itself. I want all of you to share in my Immune Choice journey. We can make a difference together. Timing is absolutely perfect as people are searching for better health and certainly more wealth.

I invite you to conduct your own research about beta glucan and see for yourself how this amazing immune supplement can help your immune system be all it can be. You have my promise that Immune Choice will always offer the best products at the most affordable price. Likewise, if you choose to join me, you will receive many blessings both in health and wealth. Join me in making Immune Choice “America’s # 1 Immune Choice”.

Ann’s passion has always been helping others, especially in the field of teaching. She taught high school social studies at for 31 years. She earned her BA and Masters Degrees from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. Always an entrepreneur at heart and like many educators across the country, Ann worked part-time in a variety of home-based businesses prior to founding Immune Choice Distributors in 1998.

Ann is married to David Price and together they have five children and are the proud grandparents of 4 grandchildren . Though there have been many challenges along the way, the Lord has been their strength and provider.


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