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Our vision is to help preserve your health.

Since 1998, Immune Choice has supplied compounding pharmacists and health food stores across America the purest Beta Glucan powder and capsules found anywhere in the world. Extensive research and testing has been conducted on the Beta Glucan found in our products, making Immune Choice Beta Glucan simply the best in the marketplace today.

Our dedicated leadership and management team has years of experience in both the wholesale and retail sales of Beta Glucan and other nutritional products.
The manufacturer of our products is an expert on Beta Glucan and holds patented intellectual property of over 200 US and International patents in regards to production of Beta Glucan, applications for Beta Glucans and applications utilizing Beta Glucan. These patents regulate the use of Beta Glucan in dietary supplements, ingredients in pet food and ingredients in cosmetics.

In addition, our manufacturer and his scientific associates are conducting on-going research in medical and pharmaceutical uses of Beta Glucan.


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