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Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Distributor.

What are the requirements for becoming a Distributor?

1. Once you grow your health network and aquire 12 personal customers who order at least one bottle of product per month on the auto-ship program and you remain on the auto-ship program with at least one bottle per month, you are eligible to become a Distributor.

2. Complete the Distributor Enrollment Form.

3. Your same Customer I will be used for product rebate payout.

Do I have to purchase a sales kit, stock inventory, hold home meetings, or ship product?

Absolutely, not! Immune Choice has no such requirements. Maintain the 12 personal customers on auto-ship. Of course, in order to get paid the most, you should grow your health network. Continue to show your customers and their customers the Immune Choice website and encourage them to order product. Simply as that!

How do I get paid as a Distributor?

Once you have acquired 12 personal customers, you will begin to earn product rebates on purchases your customer's customers make. You will continue to earn $5.00 and $10.00 product rebates. Product rebates are paid on the 25th of every month. You are paid as a Distributor the month following the date you become qualified as a Distributor. Immue Choice will continue to pay you on the Immune Choice pay card.

What happens if one of my 12 personal customers drop off the monthly auto-ship program?

You will only be paid on your personal customers for that month. When you acquire another personal customer in order to fulfill the 12 personal customer requirement, then you will begin receiving product rebates on your entire organization the month after you become qualified.

What happens if my personal customers become distributors?

That is a great thing to happen. The more personal customers our own customers acquire, the more product rebates you earn. Certainly the wider you grow your health network of personal customers, the more product rebates you earn. Every distributor starts out as a customer and has the very same opportunity.

You earn $5.00/$10.00 product rebates in your health network down through the 1st Distributor in one of your personal customer's health network and that Distributor's personal customer. You will then earn $1.00 product rebates per bottle of product purchased in your health network through the 2nd Distributor and his/her personal customers.

Does Immune Choice pay bonuses if I grow my health network?

The Immune Choice Product Rebate Pay Plan is designed after one of the true and tested compensation plans in America. All the major corporations in America have become successful on a pay plan similar to our plan. We use no gimmicks to acquire sales. Customers and distributors earn product rebates from product sold, simple as that, not on recruitment of people.

Immune Choice gives back to customers and distributors nearly 50 cents of every dollar. Our pay plan is unique in that it is simple to explain, while easy to achieve. In addition, the product works so well that everyone who begins to take our product will continue to purchase in order to stay healthy and achieve maximum immune support in customer rebates to both customers and distributors.

Periodically, Immune Choice will pay additional product rebates as a special incentive in order to encourage customers and distributors to develop their personal health networks by sharing their own Immune Choice stories.


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